Trivia Tuesday - Safety: Other Players

Safety Other Players

Test your Safety Knowledge here:

How can you tell if another player is telling the truth?

A) Ask them if they’re lying

B) It’s impossible to know for sure

C) Ask them a lot of questions

D) Check with their friends

What can happen if you’re rude to another AJ player?

A) I could lose chat privileges, be suspended, or banned

B) I could really hurt their feelings

C) I could upset other players around me

D) Any of these!

What can you do if a friend makes you uncomfortable?

A) Ask them to stop

B) Let them know how I feel

C) Leave

D) Any of these!

Check back next week for answers! HQ Signature

Meet Fleece!


Call me Fleece! Greely’s asked me to give you the run-down on security at the security station in the Lost Temple of Zios! Stay aware and test your knowledge through the latest Safe and Secure Mission!

Have you completed our Safe and Secure Mission? What did you find most interesting from the quiz?

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World Art Day 2023

20230222 Art Drop-01

Join in the celebrations of World Art Day today by creating a MasterBlock, MasterTrack or Masterpiece! What is your preferred art medium?

Watch out for Owlbert dropping in at 2pm Mst and 7pm Mst!

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Cozy Library Den Bundle!

Cozy Library Den

Snuggle up with your favorite book in the COZY LIBRARY, Jamaa’s newest den! You can furnish your new reading nook with the Cozy Library Bundle furniture. Each bundle comes with the den, music, and comfy den items that you won’t find anywhere else!

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