AJHQ Picnic Tour!

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Our Picnic tours have been filled with all kinds of treats!
Visits from den owners and their buddies, special treats, incredible masterblocks, and the list goes on!! Thank you for the hospitality! Here is our first group to feature: morningwonder, noe, badintention, yodalayeehoo2, poprocksavedmylife, fxrtress, pandamommy74, wildwoo, mygrilledcheese, and kiyoomii

Not to worry we are still touring! Tomorrow will be our final feature! Create the perfect picnic den in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic!

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Legendary Eagles, Pet Chameleons, and MORE!

May flowers will soon arrive, all aboard as this month is LEGENDARY! Jamaa is soon to be filled with Legendary Eagles, Pet Chameleons, and the new Lunar Base. With new pack runs, parties, and adventures to be had, explore the latest and greatest updates coming soon to Animal Jam!

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Did you know? - Anteaters

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Did you know? Anteaters’ snouts have evolved to be perfect for nosing into ant and termite mounds, but they’ve got another helpful feature: their CLAWS! These long claws help them dig into mounds, AND pull plants within reach if they want to add some greens to their diet!

What are you accessories of choice for your anteater?

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