Known Bugs and Technical Update 3/4/2022

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Thank you for your patience this week as we worked to resolve your reports on issues you were experiencing in Animal Jam. We have updated the Known Bugs and Technical Issues to keep you updated on our progress. Many have been fixed and pushed to the platforms, you will see those updates based upon the platform you play Animal Jam.

Please let us know in the comments below if you are experiecing anything that is not addressed in the Known Bugs and Technical issue article here.

Enjoy your weekend hunting for treasure!

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Painted Wolves have arrived in Animal Jam!

image (128) 20210707 Shop Icons Sapphire Shop (1) Painted Wolves have arrived in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop, and they’re ready to be part of the family!

To bring out your painterly spirit, check out the Creative Painted Wolf Bundle! It comes with a painted dog, the Hipster Outfit, and the Pop Art Outfit not available anywhere else!

Which accessory set is your style?

  1. Hipster Outfit
  2. Pop Art Outfit

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