Thank you code!

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Thank you code! To thank Jammers for their understanding as the Animal Jam team gets some bugs under control, you can enter the code AJMAY23 for a FREE GIFT any time between now and May 10th!

The Galaxy Super Box will also stay available until May 10th!

To redeem: Tap on the GEAR in the corner to enter the SETTINGS menu, and then tap REDEEM CODE!

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Box Update!

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Box Update! The Galaxy Super Box now will be available until May 10th! To thank all Jammers for their patience as some Galaxy Box bugs were fixed, stay tuned for a thank you gift coming soon!

Watch our Known Bugs and Technical Issues for real time updates for example now the Pet Chameleon purchase option is available!

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Safe & Secure Mission

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Safe & Secure Mission! If you haven’t completed this mission we hope you do soon and stop by to visit Fleece too!

Complete Missions to earn prizes and rewards, plus Badges for your Player Card! To start a mission, tap on the tab on the left side of your screen!

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Animal Jam's May Update is on it's way to your device!

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Animal Jam’s May Update is on it’s way to your device! See What’s New here and watch for information on when the update will be live on your device below or on our Known Issues Article

May content is live on (Instagram Post (Square)) (2)

Update Currently Live On the following platforms: 

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Steam
  • IOS
  • Desktop (osx and windows)

Important notes to remember: 

  • Once one of your devices updates, you won’t be able to log onto other devices until they have the same update.

  • Until everyone is playing the same version, you may not be able to locate, interact with, or visit some of your Buddies.

  • You won’t lose Daily Spin prizes on either version of Animal Jam.

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling will NOT make the update arrive faster, and it could cause you to lose saved Masterpieces.

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