Celebrate the Feast of Thanks!

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Join Jammers all over Jamaa and celebrate the things you are thankful for during the Feast of Thanks! During this fun autumn celebration we are so thankful for this spectacular community! It’s time to think about the good things in our lives, and what we can do to help others! This season, reach out to someone who needs it!
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Compose Video Game Music Like a Pro | Inside Animal Jam

Today is National Jukebox Day - music is the sound track of our lives! Celebrate in Animal Jam by creating your very own Mastertrack or shout out below your favorite Den Audio Track in either Animal Jam or AJ Classic enjoy your favorite Den Audio Track!

Ever wonder how video game composers create a music track? Look no further! We’ve challenged our very own professional Animal Jam musician to construct a piece in the MasterTracks mini-game.

With these tips & tricks you’ll be a master MasterTracks composer in no time! For more information on some of the musical terms used in this video, check out this website: https://www.musicca.com/keys

Explore the MasterTracks mini-game and more while playing Animal Jam for free - available for desktop at https://www.animaljam.com/ and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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