Welcome to our Picnic Animal Jam Den Tour!

Animal Jam Den Tours • Picnic • SQ Welcome to our next Animal Jam Den Tour! Spring time is a great time for picnics! Do you have a special spot for you and your buddies or even pets to host a picnic in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic, we’d love to see?

  • Set up your perfect spot
  • Unlock your den
  • Call out your username and game below We will feature dens weekends in April from players that post on THIS post calling out their UN having a picnic den!

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How Do I Make A Mastertrack?

Animal Jam • How Do I Mastertrack SQ

How Do I Make A Mastertrack? The Mastertrack items that you may see around Animal Jam are musical works created by your fellow Jammers! These custom-made audio tracks can be played as music in a den, sold in My Shops, and traded between players.

Follow a step by step walk through here:

What has been your favorite Mastertrack you’ve found?

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Trivia Tuesday - Ferrets!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Test your ferret knowledge below!

Which of these is NOT a common fur color for ferrets?

A) Sable B) Silver C) Cinnamon D) Peach

Domestic ferrets are descendants of:

A) Spotted genets B) European polecats C) Civets D) Mongooses

Ferrets, weasels, and martens belong to the family:

A) Mustelidae B) Viverridae C) Tenrecidae D) The Ferweaseltens

When happy, domestic ferrets might:

A) Cluck B) Screech C) Bark D) Jazzercise

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Answers: DBAA