Accidently Chirping Personal Information?

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Be careful about what you share! When you talk about yourself online or in chat, you might be sharing pieces of your identity that someone else could PUT TOGETHER to scare or hurt you!

Personal Information is anything that could be used to IDENTIFY you! Stuff like your name, the area you live in, what grade you’re in, who your teacher is—it’s all INFORMATION that a bully or scammer could use to figure out who you are, or guess your password!

That’s why you should keep your personal information PRIVATE, even from your friends in Jamaa!

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Final Round - Fab 5 Den Token!

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Round 3

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Option 6 (2)

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Option 3 (2)

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Cover (2)

Lots of love for the potential den choices!
Final time to cast your vote to help create the token! Here’s how to vote:

Place your vote following AJHQ’s example:

Final Vote: (Den Choice)

Voting information: One vote per player per round. Votes will be tallied on the Daily Explorer each day (comments will not appear until the round is closed)!

The winning den will be announced at the close of the event, and become a real Fab 5 Den Token!

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Take to the skies with this month’s FOOLISH FUN BUNDLE in AJ Classic’s Diamond Shop! It comes with a FALCON, a PET FLYING PIG, COSMO’S TREEHOUSE, and TWO foolishly fun accessory sets: the FOOLISH KING outfit and the FOOLISH PRINCE outfit!

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Happy Safer Internet Day!!!

Animal Jam is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day! Have you seen the cool banners located around Jamaa? You can click on them to learn tips and tricks to help you practice safety online! Do you have what it takes to click on all the banners scattered throughout Jamaa?


As part of our effort to help you stay safe online, and keep your accounts secure, we have put together a video on internet safety.

Also, be sure to check out the Internet Safety Quiz in the Conservation Museum in Appondale! Complete the quiz and earn a prize. Want to learn more about how to play safely online? 

Visit the Animal Jam Rules page:



Play Safe and Jam On!