AUTUMN COYOTE today in Animal Jam!

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Find your fall flair by becoming an AUTUMN COYOTE today in Animal Jam! These festive animals have arrived in Jamaa with the latest Fall Fashion Trend bundle that includes, the new animal, the Regal Turkey Outfit, and the Western Outfit that won’t be found anywhere else!

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Great Phantom Defeated!

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“We did it!! The big Phantom lurking beneath Mt. Shiveer has been defeated! But Greely’s saying we should keep our eyes open, in case that big guy tries to come back someday! There’s apparently still a lot of Phantom energy buried in Jamaa that the Phantoms can tap into. For now though, from all us Alphas: thank you SO MUCH!”- Peck

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Trivia Tuesday - T-Rex!

cc3ac187-28d6-4c62-aee6-8ed07e6bc15d It’s Trivia Tuesday! Sink your teeth into some paleontological puzzles and learn more about the biggest and baddest animals to walk the earth!

The closest relatives of birds are:

A) Theropods B) Sauropods C) Cerapods D) Prosauropods

Feathers seem to have evolved to provide:

A) Insulation B) Flashy displays C) Camouflage D) Fluff floofs

Tyrannosaurus rex hunted:

A) Stegosaurus B) Triceratops C) Archaeopteryx D) All of the above

A well-known site for T. rex fossils is the:

A) Chicxulub crater B) Antarctic peninsula C) Nile delta D) Morrison formation

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Answers: A,A,B,D

Autumnal Fun in Animal Jam!

Leaves are in the air, on the ground, and even on our coats this month!! Fall into the autumnal fun in Animal Jam this November with the Feast of Thanks.

Play Animal Jam for free throughout November - available for desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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