Spring is here!

20220316 First Day of Spring-01

Spring is here! There are a variety of ways to celebrate in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! How will you choose to enjoy this time of year, create a garden, spring clean your current den, stylish looks, host a garden party, gather plants from Treetop Gardens, and more?

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Painted Wolf News Feature!

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Thank you for sharing the latest news on the Painted Wolf! Each player featured will receive:

Animal Jam Community Contest Plaque Den Weather Potions Star Glasses

Animal Jam Classic Black Long Spike Nerd Glasses

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Painter's Loft Den has arrived in Animal Jam!

image (172) Let your creativity loose in the Painter’s Loft! This new den is the perfect artistic hideaway, ready to be decorated with your best Masterpieces! Be sure to pick up the Painter’s Loft Bundle in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! It comes with the new den, music, and an aesthetic set of den items you can’t find anywhere else!

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