JAMMER TIPS WITH QUEEN! Tired of staring off into space or going AFK when you’re unsure how to do or improve something in Animal Jam? Here are some great tips by Animal Jam Jambassador, qw072 or Queen! SHARE YOUR TOP 5 TIPS with Queen and Animal Jam below!

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Celebrate National Space Day!

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Celebrate National Space Day! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, was established in the United States in 1958 to learn about the atmosphere and outer space! Scientists, engineers, and mathematicians like those who work at NASA and other governmental space programs around the world work on amazing advances in space travel and technology that helps everyone learn more about the universe!

To celebrate: Shout out below what excites you about Space!

AND!!!!! Next week you can suit up to make your landing at the LUNAR BASE, because this new den is out of this world!

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Don’t be shy! PET CHAMELEONS have come to Jamaa, and these arboreal insectivores are ready to be adopted.

PET FACT: Chameleons are solitary creatures that prefer to live alone! Even when they’re kept as pets, they need a lot of space, privacy, and natural plant cover to feel comfortable and safe!

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