Birthday Speed Den Decoration!

Visit our YouTube channel and join us in celebrating Animal Jam’s Birthday, as we speed decorate the sweetest Birthday Party Den! This Bounce House is covered top to bottom with rainbows, cakes, and all the party supplies for the most Epic Birthday Party ever! We hope this inspires you in creating your own Animal Jam Birthday Den. Don’t forget to grab your Animal Jam 8th Birthday Cake, redeemed by entering the code AJBDAY8 in-game. Let us know what you think!


Happy 8th Birthday Animal Jam

20180908 AJ Birthday

Happy Birthday Animal Jam Community; it’s been THE BEST 8 years! We love our Animal Jam Community so much; you make every day an amazing one for everyone on our team. We’d love to hear what it is YOU love about AJ! Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to grab your 8th Birthday Cake in Animal Jam by typing in AJBDAY8 in game - just go to the settings menu and enter it in the redeem code tab! Happy Birthday Everyone!


Parade of Dens - Birthday Dens!

A new Parade of Dens episode is here, celebrating awesome Birthday Themed Dens! Head on over to our YouTube channel and check it out the full episode. Today we’re featuring: Bunnypiglet, Coolcat832001, Hipie118, Flowerflower2015 and Sonicathehedgehog7’s awesome Birthday-themed dens! They will each be receiving an Epic Den Plaque for their den and a special 1st Birthday Cake. Do you have an amazing den in Animal Jam or Play Wild? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll take a look!