Golden Pheasants have arrived in Animal Jam!

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Golden Pheasants have arrived in Animal Jam! These terrestrial birds are known for their unique head feathers that hang around their necks like a CAPE! In the Brilliant Golden Pheasant Bundle, you can get the new animal, the Carpenter Outfit, and the Welding Outfit that can’t be found anywhere else! What is your favorite item in this bundle?

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Trivia Tuesday - Spring!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about Spring!

When a flower blooms for more than one spring, it’s:

A) Annual B) Perennial C) Inagural D) Bicentennial

What is an angiosperm?

A) A plant that’s colorful B) A plant that’s edible C) A plant with roots D) A plant that flowers

Plants with flowers evolved to attract:

A) Animals to smell them B) Birds to eat them C) Insects to pollinate them D) Cute plants to kiss them

Which of these is NOT a good pollinator for plants?

A) Ants B) Bats C) Flies D) Beetles

Check back for the answers next Tuesday and more Trivia!

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Answers: ACAB

New Animal & Shop Reveal! | Animal Jam April Update

This April in Animal Jam, discover exclusive rare items in the MyShop Explorer feature, and create a fresh style with the new Golden Pheasant animal, Rat pet, and Mountain Hideaway Den! Showcase your art in the Masterworks Gallery Party, team up with friends for a Beetle Pack Run, and stay tuned for more silly surprises coming soon with this month’s update!

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