Tortoises! Did you Know!?

20240614 Eurasian Wolf and Tortoise-04

Isn’t it amazing how tortoises are designed for success on land with their robust legs? 🐢💚 Share your favorite tortoise or reptile fact in the comments below!

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Creating DRAGONS - Behind the Scenes!

Sneak a peek at how our amazing concept artists and animators designed the amazing DRAGON pets and avatars. Wish for a dragon of your very own in Crystallis’ wishing well, located within the underground chamber in the Temple of Zios!

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Wildweekend- Summer Freeze!

20240621 Wildweekend Summer Freeze-03-01

Dive into a summer freeze adventure this weekend with AJ Classic! Discover fantastic frosty finds, only in our Diamond Shop. But hurry - they’re flying off the shelves THURSDAY through SUNDAY only. Get them before they’re gone! ❄️

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