Pumpkin Themed Masterpieces!

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These Pumpkin-themed masterpieces certainly fit in with the spooky season! Shout out to sakurasan0, Cinderpelt1002, and Diamondz33each of you will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque for your den in both Animal Jam and Play Wild.


Play Wild Night Of Phantoms Dens! | Animal Jam - Play Wild Parade of Dens

Visit our YouTube channel and check out a special Play Wild Spooky Den episode of Parade of Dens! Congrats to: Terrarizor, Jumpinghappyrabbit10, Redpandas59 and XxHolidayxpartiesxx! Each den featured will receive a super cool Epic Den Plaque for their den! Do you have an amazing den or know of one? Let us know the username in the comments below!