Awesome Feast of Thanks Themed Masterpiece!

image (2) Check out this awesome Feast of Thanks themed Masterpiece by: jadebubblesgallery! To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending each of them a special surprise on Monday! Do you have fantastic Feast of Thanks themed art? Let us know in the comments below! HQ

Feast of Thanks Parade of Dens!

Check out the latest Feast of Thanks Parade of Dens video! The leaves are falling, the hot cocoa is being sipped, and the gorgeous dens of Jamaa are being decorated for Feast of Thanks! Check out these amazing Animal Jam and Play Wild dens designed by Candywolffylove, Cutepotatoxo, Happycatz19, Snowyartaj, Pugfluff, Birthdays, Danearys, Yumspaghettiyum, and Leidelobaaj. We will be sending each on of them an Epic Den Plaque, a Black Long Spike Collar in Animal Jam and a Blackout Spiked Collar in Play Wild!