Pack Player Mission!

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Pack Player Mission! Joining a PACK lets you meet new friends and earn cool rewards! Tap to start the PACK PLAYER Mission, and earn a Badge for playing with Packs! Missions will teach you how to make your way around Jamaa, how to customize your look and den, and more! When you complete a set of Missions, you’ll earn a BADGE for your Player Card! More Missions will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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June Update Sneak Peek!

June sunlight is soon to bring about a RAINBOW of new things! Jamaa will be filled with Vipers, Pet Rosy Maple Moths, and Science Lab dens. With new pack runs, parties, and adventures to be had, explore the latest and greatest updates coming soon to Animal Jam!

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Did you know? - Eagles

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Did you know? Raptor birds, like eagles, got their Latin name for the way they grab onto their prey! Eagles that live near seas, lakes, or rivers have adapted to be especially good at using their claws to grab fish right out of the water!

Which eagle was your choice of the this month? Lava Timber Crystal Stone

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