Play Wild - Neon Skeleton Armor!

20181028 PW NeonSkeletonArmor 2

Night of the Phantoms is only three days away; do you have your spooky look nailed down? If you’re still searching, look no further than the new Play Wild neon skeleton armor. This frightful armor set is ready to haunt the daylights out of everyone in Jamaa Township. Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store! #PlayWild #AnimalJam #KidsGames #MobileGames HQ

Last Chance for the Haunted Hideout Bundle!

20181027 HauntedHideout Bundle LastChance

Now is your last chance to grab the Haunted Hideout Bundle, available only at! With the bundle, you’ll get Greely’s Haunted Hideout den, exclusive Night of the Phantoms themed armor and den items, as well as a Pet Phantom and the Spooky Snow Leopard! If you’re already a member the bundle stacks membership time onto your current membership. Don’t forget membership also gives you extra bonuses in Play Wild, such as the weekly member gifts, daily sapphires, pack runs and more! Get the Haunted Hideout Bundle before it’s gone forever!

Epic Night of the Phantoms Dens! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens Private

Check out this latest Parade of Dens episode, filled with Spooky Animal Jam dens! Come with us as we explore the dens of Lucyfluffydendecor, Guitarkats, Thecyborggorilla, 23oli4, Swirls09 and Weirdobar in Animal Jam; each den featured will receive an Epic Den Plaque! Would you like to be featured in our next Parade of Dens episode? Let us know how great your den is in the comments below! HQ

Night of the Phantoms continues!

20181025 NOTP Scene

The latest Animal Jam Update is here! Night of the Phantoms is in full swing and the Phantoms are up to their old tricks, trying to steal all the sweets in Jamaa! What is your favorite part about Night of the Phantoms? HQ