There's a NEW Pet Egg Available in Animal Jam!

20190628 AJ NewEggPet-01 If you love surprises, you are going to love this news. There’s a NEW Pet Egg available in Animal Jam! That’s right jammers. When you purchase a pet egg from the Diamond shop, or one of the egg nests found throughout Jamaa, you have a chance to hatch a brand new egg! So eggs-citing! Get one today and share with us what pet you hatch.

Wild Weekend Forgotten Items!

2019 WildWeekend ForgottenItems-01 The new Animal Jam update has arrived; Wild Weekends are BACK and here in a BIG way! The Forgotten Items Wild Weekend is the most EPIC Wild Weekend we have ever done. Rumors have swirled for years about the wheels and the staff collection; now is your chance to collect them. These items are only available today through Sunday evening! HQ