Seaside Masterpieces!

Image from iOS (21) File (1) File Checkout the attention to detail in these fine Masterpieces by: Big, Shugakuma and Baronscapes. Love it; they are showing Peck how it’s done! Each of these artists will be receiving five masterpiece tokens and an Artist Plaque in both Animal Jam and Play Wild!

Gorgeous Summer Masterpieces!

image (9) (9) image (5) (6) image (6) (6) image (145) Shoutout to these amazingly talented Animal Jam and Play Wild artists: Agualimon, Spikethefrog, Webkinzjammer866 and Animalflock1. These Masterpieces really remind us of why we love summer! We’ll be sending each of them a special surprise to show our appreciation. Be sure to let them know in the comments how much you like their art! HQ