Animal Jam Behind the Scenes - Fight Phantoms for New Prizes!

From concept art to animation, in this month’s Behind the Scenes we’re revealing a Sneak Peek at our latest gameplay feature, Phantom Waves! Team up with friends to fight Phantoms in Mesoterra for the chance to win exclusive new prizes. Stay tuned for the official release of this exciting new opportunity and more coming to Animal Jam this July!

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Masterpiece Jammer Tip 3: Last step after creating your Masterpiece!

Making a masterpiece on Animal Jam can feel like a monumental task. Not to mention, what do you do when you’re done with one? Well now’s your chance to learn! Our very own Jambassador L30ra is here to help! You can check out more in-game tutorials at the Projector Screen in Sarepia Forest, and don’t forget to try out these exciting features in Animal Jam today!

Play Animal Jam for free - available for desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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Wild Weekend in AJ Classic, get JELLY!

20220622 Don-t Be jelly-01

20220622 Don-t Be jelly-04

20220622 Don-t Be jelly-02

20220622 Don-t Be jelly-03

This Wild Weekend in AJ Classic, get JELLY! For a limited time only, you can sample three new colors of the Jelly Armor: Red, Green, and Blue! Head to the Diamond Shop this weekend to check them out! Don’t be Jelly! Watch our story to join AJHQ tonight at 5pm mst to share your sweet Animal Jam Looks!

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