Bat-Eared Foxes have arrived in Animal Jam!

image (297) Bat-Eared Foxes have arrived in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! Get decked out in full color with the Bold Bat-Eared Fox Bundle! It comes with the new animal, the Flor de los Muertos Outfit, and the Epic Galaxy Outfit that can’t be found anywhere else!

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Trivia Tuesday - Hamsters!

image (295) It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts about Hamsters below! Don’t forget to check last weeks posts for answers!

Hamsters can swim with help from:

A) Holding air in their cheeks B) Days of practice C) Powerful back legs D) Tiny rubber floaties

Unlike gerbils and jerboas, hamsters have:

A) Incisor teeth B) Tails C) Cheek pouches D) Tiny little feets

For food, hamsters typically gravitate towards:

A) Insects B) Grasses C) Seeds D) Hamster-sized cakes

Hamsters seem to search for prey by relying on:

A) Sight B) Sound C) Smell D) Taste

Check back for the answers next week!

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Answers: A,C,C,A

Free Membership in Animal Jam?!

This May in Animal Jam, we’re excited announce the launch of our biggest promo yet: FREE Membership for all Jammers in both Animal Jam & AJ Classic! Starting May 2nd, all Jammers will be able to redeem the exclusive code “AJPLAY,” which will unlock two weeks of free membership alongside a new Spring Bunny, Spring Small House, and Masterpiece Token bundle! But that’s not all - this month, we’re also unveiling the new Bat Eared Fox animal, Pet Highland Cow, and Farmstead Province Den complete with exclusive bundle item sets. Exclusive new features including crafting and custom wall creation have made their way into Jamaa as well. Be sure to stay tuned for these exciting features and more in Animal Jam’s biggest update yet!

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