Thank you for a JAMTASTIC 2023!

20231221 Jamtastic Thank You-01 Thank you for a JAMTASTIC 2023! This year, the Animal Jam team has worked harder than ever to pack in fun features and surprises while still exciting Jammers with monthly animals, pets, and dens! It’s been a whirlwind of Lightside, Darkside, and Jamaa’s first ever fantasy animal, the UNICORN! In 2024, we’ll introduce a mix of new and reimagined animals, along with enhancements to the game. Our team is currently crafting significant features and surprises for the year ahead! Thank you for your support, and may your Jamaalidays be filled with warmth, cheer, and good buddies by your side!

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Deer are here!

20231212 Deer Are Here!-01 (2)

Explore Jamaa this Jamaalidays Season, with these graceful and adorable deer. Embrace the magic of the season and join them today!

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The Creation of Crystallis!

Take a sneak look into our concept artist’s mesmerizing creative process for Crystallis! Beneath the Zios statue… I can hardly describe it! We’re calling it CRYSTALLIS. The name came into our minds, like it’d been waiting to be known. I’m so thankful that we were able to PROTECT this… There’s got to be more to this cavern than we’ve seen yet! -Liza

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