Year of the Tiger!

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Year of the Tiger! In the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the TIGER! Tigers are symbols of STRENGTH and BRAVENESS who are seen as competitive, confident, and stubborn! To celebrate these charming animals, you can find TIGER-THEMED items arriving in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic!

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Welcome to our next Animal Jam Den Tour!

Den Tours • Small Den • SQ

Welcome to our next Animal Jam Den Tour! Do you have a uniquely decorated small house den in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic that you’d like for AJHQ to see?

  • Decorate your your small house den
  • Unlock your den
  • Call out your username and game below

We will feature dens weekends in February from players that post on THIS post calling out their UN having a Small House Den!

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