AJHQ Den Tours Storybooks!


AJHQ Den Tours Storybooks! Create a den Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic that illustrates your treasured storybook!

Here’s how to enter:

🗝️ Unlock your den

✅ Comment below with your username & which game your den is in

📅 Story book Epic Dens will be featured on January 21st and 28th!!

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The Fairy Nook is Animal Jam's newest den!

fairy nook den bundle gif (1)

Hidden deep in the woods, on the soft forest floor, sits a magical retreat you’re sure to adore! The Fairy Nook is Jamaa’s newest den, ready to enchant you and all your Buddies! The Fairy Nook Bundle comes with the new den, music, and a collection of exclusive, terrifically-tinkered den items!

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Trivia Tuesday - Cattle Dogs!

Trivia Tuesday Cattle Dogs

Are you ready for these intelligent Australian Cattle Dogs to test your knowledge?

Which is found in the Australian cattle dog family tree? A) Hyenas B) Dingoes C) Spotted dogs D) Raccoon dogs

“Cattle” comes from the French “chattle”, meaning: A) Cow B) Group C) Possession D) Circle

Australian cattle dogs were originally a breed from: A) Australia B) Britain C) America D) Asia

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Answers: B,C,B