AJHQ Den Tours Storybooks - Final Chapter

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AJHQ Den Tours Storybooks chapter has come to a close! On our tours we found several of the classic favorites like these by: Morracha, Ornithia, Whitewolf2443, Meenabena, Eatskittles, Titomo, and sweetsandthings1!

Do you have a recommendation for the next AJHQ Den Tour?

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Animal Jam Outfit of the Week!


Did you see our message (Instagram Post (Square)) Did you see our message (Instagram Post (Square)) (2) Test your accessorizing skills with today’s Outfit of the Week event! Here’s what you need to know!

-Watch for in-game messaging to appear in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic with the Outfit of the Week instructions.

-Dress up your animal and your pet (if asked!) following the instructions

-Explore Jamaa dressed in the outfit for a chance at being featured!

AJHQ cannot wait to see your creative style! Winners will be featured this weekend! Did you see our message (Instagram Post (Square)) (1)

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Fall Super Sale!

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Are you falling for this month’s Super Sale? Give fall one last hurrah with this month’s Super Sale! Autumn coyotes, pet canaries, and Pumpkin Patch dens are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they’re gone!

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Trivia Tuesday - Lunar New Year!

Chinese New year trivia Time for Trivia Tuesday! January 22nd, began the Year of the Rabbit!

Which is NOT a trait of rabbits in the Chinese zodiac?

A) Kindness B) Loyalty C) Gentleness D) Alertness

Which is NOT a lucky color for rabbits?

A) Pink B) Purple C) Brown D) Red

In China, the rabbit is closely associated with the:

A) Sun B) Ocean C) Earth D) Moon

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Answers: B,C,D