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Mystery solved! The PET POTBELLIED PIGLETS are adorable! These pets are available by putting ADOPTION TOKENS into the Pet Adoption Machine in Claws ‘N’ Paws! How many of you have this little pet as your latest friend?

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Who loves kittens?

word scramble kittens Who loves kittens? There are so many endearing qualities of a kitten; their spunk, eyes, meows, purrs, and more! We would like to celebrate National Kitten Day by a word unscramble and will reveal the answers tomorrow! What do you love most about your kittens? HQ Signature

Answer Key: cats kittens yarn purr maine coon himalayan siamese cougar snow leopard lion

How could we forget these?

20210708 Wild Weekend Cloud Furniture-01 How could we forget these? Check out this Wild Weekend of Animal Jam Classic’s Forgotten Furniture that begins today and lasts only through Sunday! These are some great items that we had and didn’t get to share previously in-game! We hope you enjoy it! HQ Signature