PET TASMANIAN DEVILS have arrived in Animal Jam!

image (70) PET TASMANIAN DEVILS have arrived in Animal Jam! Tasmanian devils may be small, but their bark is just as bad as their bite!

Welcome a pet Tasmanian devil into your den, and don’t forget to pick up some pet toys to keep them busy! They need lots of activity! HQ Signature

Trivia Tuesday - Stegosaurus'!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Stegosaurus!

A stegosaurus’ plates are known as: A) Platters B) Shingles C) Scutes D) Spine Sails

Paleontologists have agreed that scutes were used for: A) Blood circulation B) Defense C) Mating displays D) They don’t agree! No one knows for sure.

The spikes on a stegosaurus’ tail are known as a: A) Spikeomizers B) Thagomizers C) Pulverizers D) Pokey-Wokeys

Thagomizers were named by: A) Cartoonist Gary Larson B) Professor Thag Mizer C) Photographer Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor D) Paleontologist O C Marsh

Check back next week for answers!

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Answers: C,D,B,A

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with the Animal Jam!

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with the Animal Jam Community today! The internet is an exciting place to learn, share, and connect with others, which is why it’s ALWAYS important to be SAFE online. To help increase safety and positive online experiences, we recommend these tips for parents and players:

-Keep your personal information private at all times in-game, including: first and last name, phone number, address, where you go to school, and social media usernames

20220207 SaferInternetDay PersonalInfo

-Use a secure and complex password and change it frequently. Don’t reuse passwords across multiple sites. NEVER share your passwords with anyone including your friends

20220207 SaferInternetDay Password-02

-Increase your security by enabling two step authentication on your devices, email, and all your online accounts

20220207 SaferInternetDay-06

-Do not meet someone in person that you met online or chat offline with players you do not know in real life

20220207 SaferInternetDay Password-04

-Avoid clicking links from any suspicious emails or phishing sites asking you for your account info promising free membership, rare items, or currency.

20220207 SaferInternetDay PhishingSites

-Speak with your parents or a trusted adult if you ever see something that makes you uncomfortable. Utilize the in-game reporting feature to report players for breaking the rules.

What safety tips do you follow while interacting online that you can share with the Animal Jam Community? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our Online Safety page for more information.

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