Complete Nocturnal Animal Guide!

Complete Nocturnal Animal Guide! You may have spotted some nighttime creatures around Jamaa, but did you know that clicking on them can give you a chance to collect exclusive items? Follow this guide to learn how to complete your nocturnal animal search! Our very own Jambassador Azure21 is here to help! You can check out more in-game tutorials at the Projector Screen in Sarepia Forest, and don’t forget to try out these exciting features in Animal Jam today! Play Animal Jam for free - available for desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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Summer is all about outdoor fun!

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Summer is all about outdoor fun! Which 3 items would you pack with you if you went to camping in Animal Jam? Would you be roughing it in the wilderness, or glamping in style? Call out below what 3 camping essentials you’d bring in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic!

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