Trivia Tuesday - Siberian Husky!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Are you a Siberian Husky expert? Test your know-how and learn more about these fluffy pups! How many questions did you get right? Check back next week!

Siberian Huskies were first bred by:

A) Siberians B) The Chukchi C) Alaskans D) Canadians

People who drive sled teams of Huskies are called:

A) Zoomers B) Runners C) Sledders D) Mushers

In 1925, 20 teams of sled dogs relayed to deliver:

A) 1 million cans of food B) 1 million units of diphtheria antitoxin C) 1 million books D) A baby

Siberian Huskies often communicate by:

A) Pawing B) Barking C) Howling D) Interpretive dance

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Hop on the hayride for another Animal Jam Den Tour!


Hop on the hayride for another Animal Jam Den Tour! Summer is on the way, and so is the harvest! Do you have a farm-themed den you call home? We’d love to see it!

-Decorate your Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic den with your best farmyard style -Unlock your den -Comment below with your username & which game your den is in

We’ll feature the winning dens on May 28th and 29th!

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What Is The 'My Shop Explorer'?

MSE 1 MSE 2 MSE 3 What Is The ‘My Shop Explorer’? The ‘My Shop Explorer’ is an exciting feature that allows any-Jammer to browse the collective contents of every open My Shop in Animal Jam! To learn how to post listings to the My Shop Explorer, please refer to the article How do I use a My Shop? (linked below) To use the My Shop Explorer to purchase items visit the sign sporting a ‘My Shop’ symbol in the center of Coral Canyons!

What has been your greatest find in the My Shop Explorer?

How do I use a My Shop?

What is the My Shop Explorer?

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