Siamese cats have arrived in Animal Jam!

June Sapphire Bundles Outfits Siamese cats have arrived in Animal Jam! These highly energetic and intelligent cats are paired with the purrfect Kitty Knit Outfit and the exclusive Twilight Outfit, which won’t be found anywhere else! What has been your favfurrite animal to arrive in Jamaa? HQ Signature

Celebrate the Summer Siamese Style in Animal Jam!

Celebrate the summer Siamese Style with Animal Jam’s June update! This month is packed full of other-worldly surprises that you won’t want to miss. Check them out by playing Animal Jam for free - available for desktop and the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores! HQ Signature

Happy National Say Something Kind Day!

SaySomethingNiceDaySquare Happy National Say Something Kind Day! Our words are so powerful can change anyone’s day from not so good to great! What are you going to say to brighten someone’s day today?
Have a wonderful day and remember to always spread kindness! HQ Signature

Tag Someone Who...

Tag someone Tag someone who…! Let’s take a moment to play a fun game of tag; think of your friends and tag their username in the comments with the image that describes them best. Have fun! HQ Signature