Animal Jam and Play Wild Masterpieces Featured!

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The Animal Jam and Play Wild community definitely has the best artists around. Every week we see jaw-dropping art and fun digital pieces. Take a look at some of the great Masterpieces we have recently discovered by Darknightluck, magic1vy, Millikay, tigernations, hamstery, alebou, baronlightningfoot, lullabygirls, caladium177 and toracake. Each of these players will receive 3 Masterpiece tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games!

Treetop Roost Den Speed Decoration

Play Wild’s Treetop Roost is the perfect getaway for escaping the cold of winter in Jamaa. For some decorating inspiration, visit our YouTube channel and check out the #SpeedDenDecoration of the Treetop Roost!


Super Blood Wolf Moon

20190108 SOC LunarEclipseBloodMoon-01

This weekend you may be lucky enough to watch a very RARE event, the Super Blood Wolf Moon! We hope you get a chance to watch this amazing lunar eclipse in person! Don’t forget to log on to to grab yourself the Super Blood Wolf Moon den item, here for a limited time. How will you be celebrating this rare lunar eclipse? HQ