Snail Racing Action!

20240112 Snail races!-01

Get ready for some snail racing action! 🐌🏁 Host your very own snail race in the comfort of your den with the help of the Snail Race Track and your newest pet. Don’t forget to share your exciting race moments with us! 👀

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Pet Snails!

JAN24 Pet gif

Get ready to be amazed! Introducing the newest addition to Animal Jam - PET SNAILS! These adorable mollusks may be slow, but they’ll quickly steal your heart!

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Pet Snails in Animal Jam!

20240108 Sunset Siamese & Snail-02

Introducing the newest residents of Animal Jam: Pet Snails! These little creatures may have soft and squishy bodies, but don’t underestimate their appetites. Did you know they can even munch on concrete? 🐌🌱 Adopt one today and let us know your plans with this unique addition to your pet collection!

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