Geology Facts!

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20240118 Geology Facts-04 Are you curious about minerals, crystals, and rocks? πŸ’Ž Minerals are inorganic elements found in nature, while crystals have unique patterns and structures. 🌱 Rocks consist of various minerals and may even hold hidden crystals within! ✨

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Mineralogy Museum Den!

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Explore the wonders of rocks, crystals, and fossils in AJs captivating Mineralogy Museum! Unearth the unique den experience with exclusive music and shimmering den items. Discover the extraordinary beauty of nature!

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Snail Racing Action!

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Get ready for some snail racing action! 🐌🏁 Host your very own snail race in the comfort of your den with the help of the Snail Race Track and your newest pet. Don’t forget to share your exciting race moments with us! πŸ‘€

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