What is your relaxing go-to spot in Jamaa?

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August is Wellness Month which focuses on creating healthy habits to help you manage stress in your daily routines. Have you taken the time to listen to the relaxing sounds of Jamaa? Take a moment, close your eyes and listen to the sounds in the land of Jamaa that you’re in. You can even turn off the music to tune into the many sounds you might not have noticed before: wind chimes, birds, crickets, water rushing, and more. This week, share below a description of your relaxing go-to spot in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic; this could be a den setting, land location, or even a “relaxing” look.

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THAT'S what's wrong with these AJHQ Classrooms!

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THAT’S what’s wrong with these AJHQ Animal Jam and AJ Classic School Dens; THANK YOU for being the first to let us know in AJC ajanae1203 and AJ pigfuzz3! Time to clean up these classrooms so that it’s ready for back-to-school! We hope you enjoyed the challenge of finding the differences!

Answers below: AJ Classic 22 -Jamaaliday Wreath -Phantom Eye In Tree -Submarine/Octopus -Snowman -Snowballs -Jamaaliday shrub -2021 Banner -Jamaaliday Stocking -Shamrock -Firecracker -Tiki Torch -Space Window -Ice Cube Chair -Heart Cloud -Pumpkin Vine -Spring Festival Eggs -Glowing Mushrooms -Scarecrow -Sled -Jelly Fish -Ships Wheel -Reindeer Poop

AJ 19 -Ice Patch -Snowballs -Snow Pile and Shovel -Portal -Reindeer Poop -Firecrackers -Snake in basket -Dart board -Falling confetti -Clown vanity -Bucket of fish -Sleeping bag -Volcano -Spring Festival eggs -Pot of Gold -Candy Cane -Hot Tub -Shark Sign -Fireworks HQ Signature

Trivia Tuesday - Temple of Trivia!


This Tuesday, get a taste of the Temple of Trivia, Animal Jam’s puzzlingest minigame! Once you’ve mastered these questions, head to the Lost Temple of Zios and test your knowledge to earn Gems!

Which is NOT one of the four layers of a rainforest?

A) Ground cover B) Canopy C) Understory D) Emergent

Which lives in the Amazon rainforest?

A) Bengal tiger B) Bee hummingbird C) Pink river dolphin D) Sun bear

Giraffes prefer to eat new shoots and leaves from:

A) Acacia trees B) Tall grasses C) Woody vines D) Giraffe grocery stores

Which trees always shed their leaves each year?

A) Coniferous B) Evergreen C) Pine D) Deciduous

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answers: ACAD

What's wrong with this picture?!

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What’s wrong with this picture?! Head in-game and study the Animal Jam and AJ Classic AJHQ Dens; count how many things SHOULDN’T be in a classroom! Comment below with the game you’re answering for (Animal Jam or AJ Classic), how many items don’t belong, and the name of those items! Winners will be announced on Tuesday 8/23!

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