How to submit a ticket?

20210806 Jammer Tip How To Submit A Ticket-01

20210806 Jammer Tip How To Submit A Ticket-02 How to submit a ticket? When you experience an issue or have a question that is not addressed through our Help section please create a ticket with your parent. You can find the ticket form at the bottom of any Help article. Click the link and provide the following information:

-The email address you’re using to contact us -Select which game Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic or both -Parent email to identify you as the account owner -Select Member or Non-Member to direct your ticket to the appropriate team -Select the reason you are contacting our team by scrolling through the drop-down -In the text box describe your reason for contact in a short sentence or a few bullet points.

How soon will you receive a response? -Weekdays: 48-72hrs -Our weekday response time does not include weekends or holidays

What to know when contacting our support team? Helpful tips here.

World Elephant Day is August 12th!

image (25) World Elephant Day is August 12th! How about some Elephant Trivia?

How do elephants communicate with other elephants?

a) scent b) infrasonic rumbling c) Voice calls d) All the above

Elephants have massive territories. Up to how far can they communicate with one another?

a) 4 miles or 6.5 kilometers b) 6 miles or 10 kilometers c) 10 miles or 16 kilometers d) 20 miles or 35 kilometers

How many muscles does an elephant have in it’s trunk?

a) 30 b) 100 c) 10,000 d) over 40,000 HQ Signature

answers 1) a, 2) d, 3)d

Happy National S'mores Day!

image (24) Happy National S’mores Day! What is your favorite way to eat a S’more? Traditional, with a peanut butter cup, or share your special “recipe”? What year was the first recorded S’more as being consumed? A. 1907 B. 1917 C. 1927 Hopefully, you can enjoy a S’more today in celebration! HQ Signature