Our AJHQ Masterpiece Gallery is now open

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image (115) Our AJHQ Masterpiece Gallery is now open and thank you for entering your fabulous Masterpieces!

Here are our first features:

Animal Jam kosmickiyote, Kenzie88888, Goldifoxmangle92, Superawsomeperson, suebunny11

Animal Jam Classic metajr, chocolate4froggy, roorooshoe, playwildaj, l0lt1me

Congrats! Next weekend we will be announcing another round of art we will be showcasing in our AJHQ Den! (If you have been featured and we do not have your masterpiece yet, please watch for a message in-game to trade!)

Careful what you parrot!

20220223 Careful What You Parrot!-03

20220223 Careful What You Parrot!-04

Careful what you parrot! It’s always important while in-game to be kind, use language that is appropriate both in and out of the game.

What would you do in this situation?

? The Player promises a prize if you say a specific phrase

? They explain a phrase that they cannot say themselves

What are the red flags in this situation?

-Promise of a prize for you to say something and the prize sounds too good to be true

-It is a phrase that is something that doesn’t make sense, is inappropriate or they cannot say it themselves

What should you do?

-Options to keep yourself safe and to report players for breaking the rules are to; report them, block them, and if needed you can always go to a different area and log off as well

-Speak with your parent or trusted adult if you ever have in-game concerns

We have linked some helpful articles for you How to Report a Player, Reporting a player, and What Happens When You Report a Player. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is!

Today's the ultimate TWOsday!

20220216 Ultimate TWOSday!-01-01-01

Today’s the ultimate TWOsday! On 2/22/22, there’s no better day for two toucans to tip-toe through the tulips in their tutus and tiaras! Celebrate this TWOsday Tuesday, 2/22/22 with us by sharing your favorite 2 animals, 2 pets, and 2 accessories in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic with us in the comments below!

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