This is Animal Jam has hit the shelves!

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The very first issue of our new magazine, ‘This is Animal Jam’ has just hit the shelves! Our new magazine is available in the US at Barnes and Noble and available in the UK at newsstands as well as online at DC Thompson Shop. This is Animal Jam is full of cool AJ facts, pictures, stories and minigames, as well as a cool code for a Rare Spike! Woot! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #ThisIsAnimalJam


Color Cloud Now Available!

20180505 Color Cloud

The Color Cloud in Play Wild is amazing! Visit your Pack Hideout and enter the Color Cloud to create a customized look; there are even some colors that aren’t normally available in the normal character creation palette! Your new custom look will stay with you until you either manually change it in the palette or enter the Color Cloud again! Cool!


It Won't Stop Staring At Me! | Animal Jam Play Wild - Parade of Dens

Check out the lastest Parade of Dens episode on our YouTube channel! This episode highlights the newest features in Play Wild as well as the amazing dens of charliecupcake999, neeshaa, xxsharkiexx and coralfestivesloth! The dens highlighted in Parade of Dens will all receive Epic Den Plaques! Do you have an amazing den or know of one? Comment with the username below and let us know!


Forest Runs Beetle Blitz!

20180504 ForestRuns BeetleBlitz

Forest Runs are back with a new run, BEETLE BLITZ! A new leaderboard has begun for the new collectible. We are seeing thousands of Beetles are being caught and the leaderboard competition is tough! Which pack will be THE Leaderboard Champion for May? All members of the Leaderboard Champion Pack will receive a special reward plaque AND a Wind-Up Key from AJHQ after the next Play Wild update. The Wind Up Key will be awarded ONLY to the Pack that is crowned as Beetle Blitz Leaderboard Champions. For clarification, they are not “coming back” per se; instead they are a special reserved prize for the Champion pack members for the Beetle Blitz. This prize is only obtainable through a personal delivery by AJHQ. Good luck everyone in the competition! We can’t wait to see which pack claims the Leaderboard Champion prize!