Spring-themed Jammer Art!

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We’ve got spring fever here at AJHQ and these beautiful spring-themed Masterpieces are too good to not share! Check out these beautiful spring Masterpieces in Animal Jam and Play Wild by: lazydarkness, ahaisga, xxauroraskyxx, galoot, boogie183, endlesstruths. We loved these and will be sending each of these amazing artists FIVE Masterpiece Tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games! HQ

Alphamania in Jamaa!

20190321 AlphaArmor&DenSale-01

All Alpha dens and armor are on sale now and it’s ALPHAMANIA! From Liza’s Garden, to Grahams Gauntlets; Alpha dens and armor are available and on sale. Visit the Diamond Shop and Alpha Headquarters; show your love for your favorite Alpha!


The Spring Festival has Returned!

20190321 AJ SpringFestival-01

The latest Animal Jam Update has arrived! The Spring Festival has returned and it’s as egg-cellent as ever! Can you find all 100 eggs? It isn’t eggs over easy but the more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll earn! HQ