Trivia Tuesday - Painted Wolf!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Painted Wolf!

Which is NOT another name for painted wolves? A) African wild dogs B) Hyena dogs C) Painted dogs D) Lycaon pictus

How do painted wolves communicate? A) Squeaking noises B) Running in patterns C) Howling D) Meowing

What does the Latin name “Lycaon pictus” mean? A) Round-eared dog B) Swift wolf C) African dog D) Painted wolf

Check back next week for the answers! Are you excited for the painted wolf to arrive?

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answers: B,A,D

SNEAK PEEK: New Painted Wolf & Bat!

From concept art to animation, in this month’s Behind the Scenes we’re revealing an exclusive Sneak Peek at the new Painted Wolf animal and Painted Bat pet! Watch these characters come to life and stay tuned for their official release this March in Animal Jam!

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