Return of the New Year's Fortune Adventure!

20190108 AJ ChineseNewYearsFortune-01 We are super excited for the Lunar New Year! 2019 is the Year of the Pig; what better way to celebrate in Jamaa than the return of the New Year’s Fortune Adventure? Challenge yourself to find hidden red envelopes, filled with gems and fantastic prizes. Follow the guidance of the Luck Dragon and have fun adventuring! HQ

The Friendship Festival begins!

20190124 SOC FriendshipFesticalDeploy-01

The newest Animal Jam update has just arrived! Join us as we kick off the Lunar New Year celebrations for the Year of the Pig as well as get a running start at the Friendship Festival! The Special Delivery and New Year’s Fortune adventures have returned and we can’t wait to dive in! Log in today and check out the new update!

Animal Jam and Play Wild Masterpieces Featured!

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The Animal Jam and Play Wild community definitely has the best artists around. Every week we see jaw-dropping art and fun digital pieces. Take a look at some of the great Masterpieces we have recently discovered by Darknightluck, magic1vy, Millikay, tigernations, hamstery, alebou, baronlightningfoot, lullabygirls, caladium177 and toracake. Each of these players will receive 3 Masterpiece tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games!