Animal Jam Classic's Wild Weekend Art Camp!

20210624 Wild Weekend Art Camp-01 Our artistic players are in for a special treat with this weekend’s Animal Jam Classic’s Art Camp! These accessories, den items, and the Art Gallery Den are available THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY ONLY! Give your looks and dens that artistic splash! HQ Signature

Make Music Day

image (57) image (58) Make Music Day is a worldwide celebration of music in France in 1982! Share your celebration of Music with us today! What is your favorite song in either Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic?

It's Rare Item Monday! Rare Freedom Purse and Rare Ice Pop Necklace

AJC Jam mart and AJ Cocoa It’s another Rare Item Monday! These accessories are available today only; Animal Jam Classic is getting ready for our Freedom Celebration and has a Rare Freedom Purse as a nice final touch to any Freedom Look. Next chill in Animal Jam with a Rare Ice Pop Necklace! What has been your favorite Rare Item Monday item of all time; share with us in the comments below and have a wonderful Monday! HQ Signature