February Super Sale!

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Super Sale! For a limited time only, all PLATYPUSES, pet TASMANIAN DEVILS, and BIOLUMINESCENT BAYS are on sale! Head to the Sapphire Shop to check them out before they’re gone!

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Trivia Tuesday - Gallery!

IMG 1243 Test your knowledge with this Trivia Tuesday about famous museums and galleries!

The most-visited art museum is the:

A) The Louvre in France B) The Met in America C) The British Museum in the UK D) The Prado in Spain

The Louvre became a museum in: A) The 1900s B) The 1800s C) The 1700s D) The 1600s

Returning art to its country of origin is called:

A) Reclamation B) Repatriation C) Restoration D) Give-backsies

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Explorer Mission!

Explorer Mission-01 Mission Explorer Updated

Take a guided tour of Jamaa through the Explorer Mission! Which place will be or was your first stop? Complete Missions to earn prizes and rewards, plus Badges for your Player Card! To start a mission, tap on the tab on the left side of your screen!

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Did you know? - Pigeons

20230217 Quokka and Pigeon Real Live Post-05

20230217 Quokka and Pigeon Real Live Post-06

Did you know? Pigeons have been used to carry messages because of their uncanny ability to fly home when they’re released! Before faster forms of communication were invented, humans would take pigeons with them far away, attach a note to them, and then release them to fly back home with the message!

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