Super Sale! Arabian horses, Princess Castles, and Ocelot Kittens

20211124 Arabian Horse, Princess Castle, Ocelot Kitty Sale-01 Get ready to live your dreams with this month’s Super Sale! Arabian horses and Princess Castles are all on sale, and once you’re living the life, you can adopt a pet ocelot kitten—they’re on sale too! Play Animal Jam today - available for mobile & desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores! HQ Signature

Trivia Tuesday - Turkeys!

image (24) Time for Trivia Tuesday! Challenge yourself today with Turkey Trivia! Female turkeys are known as:

A) Peacocks B) Doves C) Hens D) Chicks

The red thing on a turkey’s beak is called a:

A) Noodle B) Doodle C) Bobble D) Wattle

Male turkeys try to impress females by:

A) Building nests B) Strutting and gobbling C) Flying above them D) Bringing food

Wild turkeys are known to eat: A) Acorns and nuts B) Insects C) Salamanders D) All of the above HQ Signature

Answers: CDBD