Corsac Fox Facts!

20240126 Corsac Fox and Love Dove-02

Discover the fascinating world of corsac foxes – a social species that live harmoniously in the same dens! Plus, they boast a unique feature: they don’t emit a strong odor like their fox counterparts. 🦊✨

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Den Tours!

20240219 Carnival Den tours-01

20240219 Carnival Den tours-02

20240219 Carnival Den tours-03

Transform your den into a bustling Street Market or Carnival extravaganza! 🎪🍔🎉 Enter now:

🗝️ Open your den

✅ Drop your username & game den location in the comments

📅 Get ready for the #AJEpicDens feature on Feb 22-23!!

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Sweet Ferris Wheel Den Bundle!

Sweet Ferris Wheel

Get ready to take a spin on the Sweet Ferris Wheel in this month’s Animal Jam Den! 🎡 Did you know that the first Ferris wheel, built for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, reached heights equivalent to a 25-floor building? 🌆 Engineers relied on calculations and the strength of iron and steel to ensure its successful construction. Notably, this magnificent wheel was powered by steam, with two massive steam engines pumping steam through underground pipes to keep it turning! 🔥

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Random Acts of Kindness Day!

20240216 Random Acts of Kindness day!-02

Kindness is contagious and spreads kindness like wildfire! 💕 Join us in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day dedicated to making a positive impact in someone’s life. Remember, even small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Together, we can create a better tomorrow!

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