FINAL Wild Weekend - The Cats Pajamas!

20220804 Wild Weekend Cat-s Pajamas

Get FRISKY this weekend in AJ Classic with THREE new coats for the Feline Armor: Marmalade, Black, and Blue, plus some classic Ferocious Feline den items! These items are available in the Diamond Shop this THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY only! Nya?

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Animal Jam Den Tours - Epic Summer Dens!

Den Tours

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Entry 8

Entry 9

Congrats to the winners of the summer #AjEpicDens contest: princesspopstarbuney, dyslexiaella, dragonwolfgirl2008, sandslash11, lokicoco, Avocupcakegirl, lilteea,Animalistic8, Horsegirl4774.

Stop by their amazing dens in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic to get a sweet & refreshing taste of summer!

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AJ Classic August Bundle - Peridot Post!

20220729 AJC Diamond Bundle Peridot Post-01 (1)

AJ Classic’s August Bundle is here to celebrate August’s birthstone, the Peridot! The Peridot Bundle comes with a red panda, a pet monkey, the Bounce House, and two new accessory sets: the Peridot Armor and the Postmaster Outfit! Will you dress to impress, or keep it sensible?

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