Matsuri Masterpieces!

image (179) image (173) image (172) image (174) image (175) image (176) image (177) image (178) Check out these kawaii Animal Jam Matsuri Masterpieces! We loved these so much; we will be sending a secret prize to these artists: Hamstery2, Animania, M00sic, Xxblackvelvetxx, PinkRhino24, Fluffypingu8, Skyarcher, and Galaxymintz. Also a big shout-out to Hamstery for holding a Matsuri Festival in their Den! Amazing! Which one of these masterpieces is your favorite?


With this latest surprise, you may just jump out of your ssskin! After many years of hardssship, your pleasss have finally been answered! The unprecedented PYTHONS will be arriving in Play Wild THIS WEEK; don’t forget to ssssqueaze a look at the sssneak peek thisss week.


September Matsuri Membership Bundle!

20190830 MatsuriFestivalBundle-01 Celebrate the end of summer with the Animal Jam Matsuri Membership Bundle from! This kawaii Membership Bundle not only gives you membership in Animal Jam and Play Wild, but it also gives you early access to: the returning Raccoon, the Sakura Yukata and Happi Coat accessory sets, and a collection of Matsuri themed den items!