Trivia Tuesday - Sloth

image (228) Trivia Tuesday will be focused on Sloth’s today, in recognition of International Sloth Day tomorrow!
In the wild, how many hours do sloths sleep per day?

A) 5 hours B) Exactly 9 hours C) Up to 20 hours D) 1 hour

A sloth’s scientific name is Bradypus. What does that mean in Greek?

A) Fast bear B) Napping cat C) Slow feet D) Upside down thing

How long can it take for a sloth to digest a single meal?

A) Average 2 weeks B) 6 hours C) Up to a month D) 10 minutes

These animals are crepuscular, which means?

A) They are most active at dawn and dusk. B) They climb trees C) They play all-day D) They take a swim before bed. (edited) 

Sloths can be tinted green by: A) Rolling in mud  B) Algae growing on their fur C) Eating leaves D) Not feeling well

Different species of sloth are easily identified by their: A) Eyes B) Claws C) Legs D) Tails

Sloths are ARBOREAL, which means: A) They live in trees B) They are quiet C) They don’t eat meat D) They are climbers HQ Signature

Answers: CCAABBA

Not to worry, it is Monday

RIM AJCJam AJJam (Pushes past the Phantoms and gathers up the candy)…Not to worry, it is Monday, and the Alpha’s have things under control for now with all of your help! Today’s Rare Item Monday items are in Jam Mart for; Animal Jam (Rare Vampire Mask) and Animal Jam Classic (Rare Dragon Skull)! Enjoy your Monday! HQ Signature

Do you have a mini-game that you can't stop playing?

image (226)

image (225)

image (224)

image (223)

image (222) Do you have a mini-game that you can’t stop playing? Super Sweets is one of those gripping games for many! We’ve consolidated the Jammer Tips from our community to help you master your sweet skills! What type of Jammer Tips would you like to see next?

Super Sweet Tips:

-The bigger the match the more damage you do!

-Make a move after practicing the next pattern to earn higher points.

-Try not to use hearts unless your health is less than 3/4.

-Keep an eye on the Phantoms’ power level to see when they will hit you.

-The Phantoms you fight show up in specific patterns. If you watch closely, you may notice certain phantoms tend to stick together. This will help you know which type of phantom will attack you next.

-Under your Animal, there is a little sweet if you keep matching that it gives you power.

-Longer chains matched to boomseeds and hearts give a higher bonus of damage. If possible save these for the spiky and heavy Phantoms.

-Always plan your next move.

-Take your time! No need to rush! HQ Signature