Leopard Facts!

20240718 Leopard and Fennec Foxes-02

Unleash your wild side with this fun fact!🐆 Did you know leopards have an amazing jumping ability, reaching up to 9 FEET above branches! Start your day with a leap of knowledge! 🌳💪

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Wildweekend- Spectacular Spikes!

Stepping into the weekend got a whole lot spicier!🔥 Dazzle up your avatar with the spectacular SPIKES now available in our Diamond Shop. New thrilling colors you don’t want to miss. Get ready to level-up your game! 💎🔝

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Phantom Dungeons Behind the Scenes

Peek in on our artists’ and game engineers’ creative process as they built the Phantom Dungeons for WildWorks’ Unity-built game, Animal Jam! Remember you can hold down on the video to pause it if needed.

“We established a clear color progression to follow each dungeon level the players explore. You start in a very light blue and Crystallis theme, but by the end we’ve gone dark and phantom-coded” - Concept Artist

Don’t miss out on the excitement – play Animal Jam for free this July (available for mobile devices & desktop at https://www.animaljam.com/ or download on Steam, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores)!

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