Rare Angry Pumpkin Mask

If you're looking to spend this year's NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS celebration looking as spooky as possible, today's RARE ITEM will certainly interest you. Pick up the RARE ANGRY PUMPKIN MASK today and start spooking!


Spook on Jammers!

There's Still Time!

There's still time to pick up limited-edition Solar Eclipse Adopt A Pet toys! Did you know that each pet comes with a code that unlocks one piece of the RARE ECLIPSE ARMOR? Can you collect all 5 pieces of this super rare armor set that can't be found anywhere else?


ECLIPSE PETS can be found by the Registers in Target stores, as well as at Fred Meyer, Five Below, and Army and Air Force Exchange Service stores near you.

Phantom Boxes available now!!!

The Phantoms haven't just invaded Jamaa, they've taken over the Animal Jam Fall Box! This fun box is filled with tons of Phantom goodies and spooky accessories, and details on how to get your own can be found at AnimalJamBox.com... 


Hurry, these boxes won’t be here forever!