Mystical Paws!

20240517 Mystical Paws Bundle!-01

Unleash your inner explorer with our Mystical Paws Bundle! From 5/17 - 5/28, discover FIVE enchanting paw accessories waiting for you in the AJ Premium Shop! Remember, an extra magical set of Mystical Sapphire Paws waits in the Sapphire Shop.

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Wildweekend Garden Celebration!

20240515 Wildweekend Garden Garden Celebration-01-02-01

Welcome to the Wild Weekend event in AJ Classic! ✨This 5/16 - 5/19, adorn your spaces with the most exquisite garden decor to create breathtaking landscapes. 🌿🌼 Let the garden celebration begin! Find these items at the Diamond Shop from Thursday through Sunday only! So why wait? Let’s be wild, let’s be beautiful! 🦋

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Sugar Glider Concept Art!

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-01

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-02

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-03

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-04

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-05

20240508 Sugar Glider Concept feature!-06

Sweetness overload coming in from our Animal Jam concept artist! “Designing the Sugar Glider was an absolute thrill! For years, this little critter has held a special place in our hearts at AJ. So, when the opportunity finally arose to bring it to life as a playable animal, we were over the moon!”

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