Toadstool Super Box is leaving soon!

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The Toadstool Super Box is leaving soon, so don’t let its spores scatter before you’ve checked out all the Toadstool items it has inside! Dress up in the Toadstool Set, adopt a pet toadstool frog, and even grow your own Toadstool Tree! You can find it through a portal in the Sapphire Shop for a limited time only!

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Hanging Gardens Bundle has arrived in Animal Jam!

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Time to venture back to the cradle of civilization with the Hanging Gardens! This sprawling new Animal Jam den is filled with beautiful stonework, waterfalls, and lush plants! Complete your oasis with the Hanging Gardens Bundle! It comes with the new den, music, and an opulent collection of den items that won’t be found anywhere else!

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Trivia Tuesday - Hanging Gardens!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Learn more about the ancient Hanging Gardens that inspired Jamaa’s newest den!

The Hanging Gardens were thought to be located in:

A) Rome B) Babylon C) Kyoto D) Cairo

What were the Hanging Gardens thought to be?

A) Garden pots hanging from trees B) Suspended rocks covered in greenery C) Tiered, irrigated gardens D) Gardens growing on boats

The Hanging Gardens were likely built:

A) In the 1800s B) In the 1500s C) Around 100 BCE D) Hundreds of years BCE

Ancient Greek authors called the Hanging Gardens:

A) One of the Seven Wonders of the World B) A place where magic flowed C) A crumbling tower D) A chill place to hang

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