make your Own Solar Oven!


Summertime is great for experimenting with science outside. That's why AJ ACADEMY has a brand new experiment that uses the sun to teach us about science!


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Summer time is still going strong in the Northern Hemisphere! Did you know that the hottest day of the year in the United States is usually around the end of July? No matter where you live though, you can take advantage of the sun’s warm rays with this amazing Animal Jam Academy Activity – building a solar oven!

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Like the oven in your house, a solar oven also uses heat to cook food. The solar oven captures light rays from the sun and converts them into heat energy. The heat is then retained, or trapped, in the oven. Shiny surfaces in the solar oven reflect extra sunlight in and increase the amount of heat inside the oven. With this simple oven, you can cook just about anything! Get creative and see what you can make with your solar oven!

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Jam on!

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