News Crew - How to make a SPOOKTACULAR den!

News Crew - How To Make A Spooktacular Den! 
By: wolfoflight6 

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Hi Jammers! Today I'll be talking all about how to create a SPOOKTACULAR den! First things first, you need a spooky den! The best den for this is the Epic Haunted Manor. This den is complete with spooky paintings that watch you, a haunted garden of withered plants, a spooky pit of green gloop and more! I say the pit of green gloop is spooky, but once you get used to the place... It can become your new swimming pool! 

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Once you've got your den, you will need to decorate! Not sure where to find cool spooky den items for the night of the phantoms? Why not try Bitter Sweets? Or how about stopping off at Jam Mart furniture? Or maybe even the Diamond Shop! These places are great for spooky items. But if you don't have enough gems or diamonds to buy stuff, you can always trade for some spooky stuff. Once you have your new den items, it's time to decorate! 

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Finally, once your den has been amazingly decorated and looks totally SPOOKTACULAR, it'll be time to show off your new epic den! After all your hard work, it just wouldn't be right to keep that awesome den all to yourself... Right? Why not invite your buddies over? You could have a spooky night of the phantoms party! Or maybe you could go to Jamaa Township and invite some Jammers. You might just find some new spooky buddies! 

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I hope you guys enjoyed my tips! Jam on! - wolfoflight6

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