Animal Jam and AJ Classic's February Update!

Are you waiting for Animal Jam and AJ Classic-s February content (Instagram Post (Square))

Animal Jam and AJ Classic’s February Update is on it’s way!

AJ Currently live on:

  • Steam
  • Mac and PC desktop
  • Amazon
  • IOS 
  • Google - Resolved and update is live: Thank you for the reports! The team is aware the PFP is the only update, at this time, within the google app store. We are currently in communication for resolution. 

Classic is awaiting update. More information to come today 2/3

In the meantime, remember:

-Once one of your devices updates, you won’t be able to log onto other devices until they have the same update.

-Until everyone is playing the same version, you may not be able to locate, interact with, or visit some of your Buddies.

-You won’t lose Daily Spin prizes on either version of Animal Jam.

-Uninstalling and reinstalling will NOT make the update arrive faster, and it could cause you to lose saved Masterpieces.

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Design a Jam-A-Gram Contest!

Untitled design (52)

Design a Jam A Gram!-01

Do you have an idea for a new Jam-A-Gram template? Use the Painting activity in Coral Canyons Art Studio or from your minigame menu, to create a blank Jam-A-Gram you’d love to send to a friend, then submit it using the button at the bottom of the Painting screen! The winning Jam-A-Gram will be added to the game!

Event ends 2/10 and winner will be featured in March!

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Trivia Tuesday - Quokka!

quokka trivia

Pop quiz on a Wednesday with Quokka Trivia!

Quokkas are native to:

A) Madagascar B) an Australian island C) the Philippines D) South America

Rottnest Island, where quokkas live, is also known as:

A) Wadjemup B) Ratting Island C) Southwest Bay D) Selfien

Quokkas prefer areas with good access to:

A) Burrows B) Mountain rocks C) Freshwater D) Photogenic backgrounds

Check back for answers next week! HQ Signature