Sneak Peek

Animal Jam will be at VidCon this week!  The Jambassadors at VidCon will be competing to unlock a RARE tag on the winning team's items, for the whole AJ Community, and you can help them!


Pick your team and show your pride; join in the competition by posting videos on YouTube, or posts on Instagram, and tagging your team! The winning team will unlock a RARE tag that will be applied to the winning team's items at the next update! How cool is that?

Amazing explorers at Nat Geo Fest!

Tierney's back with some fin-tastic interviews featuring some incredible Nat Geo Explorers! Brian Skerry is an amazing award-winning colleague of Tierney, and is one of the world's top underwater photographers!


Jessica is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer who lives in the Cook Islands and started an organization called Shark Specific to protect the sharks of the Cook Islands and beyond.


We hope you enjoyed Tierney's latest adventures at Nat Geo Fest! Learn more with Tierney by visiting her Aquarium in Crystal Sands!

Look of the Week - Koopsathekoopa

Today's Look of the Week goes to Koopsathekoopa for this incredible outfit! Congrats on being featured on the Daily Explorer and winning this cool plaque for your den!

Stay tuned to the Daily Explorer every week as we feature a new LOOK OF THE WEEK!