Trivia Tuesday - Clovers!

Clover Trivia

Time for Trivia Tuesday!

Clover lawns are better than turfgrass lawns because:

A) They attract pollinators B) They need less water C) They need less pesticides D) All of the above!

How often does a clover lawn need to be fertilized?

A) Every month B) Every 6 months C) Every year D) It doesn’t!

What is clover’s botanical classification?

A) Weeds B) Flowers C) Legumes D) Succulents

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Answers: D,D,C

Did you know? - Archosaurs





Archosaur-03 (2)


Archosaur-06 Looking for the next Animal Jam Archosaur? Parasaurolophus eggs will arrive as the next Super Box at the end of this week! In preparation for their arrival, check out these fun facts about these adorable herbivores and our previous Archosaurs!

Did you know? Paleontologists use NEW LATIN words to create names for archosaurs, and lots of other creatures and animals!

New Latin evolved from Classical Latin, and in the late 1800s, a lot of scientists and scholars used it to name things!

If we translate the New Latin bit by bit, we can learn how archosaurs got their names!

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