Play as your Pet Park Den Bundle!

Play as your Pet Den Bundle

Play as your pet at the park that never closes! This new den lets you become your pet and play as long as you want! Take playdates to the next level with the exclusive den items in the Play As Your Pet Park Bundle!

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Draw This in Your Style - World Art Day!

20240415 DTIYS Red Panda-01

🎨 Calling all artists! World Art Day is here, why not drop into Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic and design your own version of the Pet Red Panda? 🌍The canvas is wide open. Let the world see your masterpiece! 🌟✍️

Here is how to enter: 🎨 Choose to create a Masterpiece in Animal jam or Animal Jam Classic. ✅ Once you’ve completed your art drop a comment 👇 to let us know you’ve submitted your masterpiece!

🔚Entries will be accepted through 4/23

Players featured will receive a special surprise!

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Greely was in Crystallis!

20240412 Memory Portal-01 📝 ✍️ I can’t believe it! Greely was in Crystallis, and then he just LEFT again! 👀 Now he’s going after the LIGHTSIDE PRESENCE who opened a portal there, without even asking for my help! I bet I can find them first, and figure out what’s going on myself!

  • Peck

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Kitchen Bundle!

20240405 Premium Kitchen Bundle-01

20240405 Premium Kitchen Bundle-02

Get ready to whip up your creative magic! The Premium Kitchen Bundle in Animal Jam has everything you need to design the kitchen of your dreams. Remember, you can find it at the AJ Premium Shop by clicking the Sapphire icon. Ready to cook up some fun? 🍳🏡

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