Welcome Bundle!

Welcome Bundle!-07

Welcome Bundles have arrived in Animal Jam! Inside each bundle is a collection of goodies that will give any new player a jump start into Jamaa. The WELCOME BUNDLE is an optional, premium purchase that includes one of each starter Animal and a pile of Gems & Sapphires! If you can’t see this new bundle in the premium shop, it’s because your account is considered that of an experienced AJ Player who no longer needs a welcome package.

Do you know anyone you’d like to invite to Animal Jam?

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Vipers have come to Jamaa!

Viper Bundle

Get ready to ssslither and strike! VIPERS have come to Jamaa! The Valorous Viper Bundle comes with a slick new snake, the CRYSTAL outfit, and the exclusive RESEARCHER outfit!

What accessories do you recommend while ssslithering through Jamaa!

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Animal Jam's June Update is on it's way to your device!

Animal Jam’s June Update is on it’s way to your device! See What’s New here and watch for information on when the update will be live on your device below or on our Known Issues Article:  ![June content is live on]

Update Currently Live On the following platforms: 


-Desktop - PC and MAC




Important notes to remember: 

  • Once one of your devices updates, you won’t be able to log onto other devices until they have the same update.

  • Until everyone is playing the same version, you may not be able to locate, interact with, or visit some of your Buddies.

  • You won’t lose Daily Spin prizes on either version of Animal Jam.

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling will NOT make the update arrive faster, and it could cause you to lose saved Masterpieces.

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