Trivia Tuesday - Lunar New Year!

Chinese New year trivia Time for Trivia Tuesday! January 22nd, began the Year of the Rabbit!

Which is NOT a trait of rabbits in the Chinese zodiac?

A) Kindness B) Loyalty C) Gentleness D) Alertness

Which is NOT a lucky color for rabbits?

A) Pink B) Purple C) Brown D) Red

In China, the rabbit is closely associated with the:

A) Sun B) Ocean C) Earth D) Moon

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Answers: B,C,D

Did you know? - Australian Cattle Dogs

20221212 Real Live Animal Post Cow and Australian Cattle Dog-02

Did you know? Australian cattle dogs are incredible pups that love to learn and do jobs, and they even have some genes from wild dingoes in Australia!

Do you have a specific color combination you prefer when creating your Australian Cattle dog in game?

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Did you know? - Cows

20221212 Real Live Animal Post Cow and Australian Cattle Dog-04 (1)

Did you know? Cows have been significant to humans throughout history, and were domesticated about 10,500 years ago! Their now-extinct wild ancestors, called aurochs, were larger and had long horns!

Which accessory bundle do you prefer? Fabled or Knitted?

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