Animal Jam's May 2024 Update is on it's way to your device!

2024 May Update-06 Animal Jam’s May Update is on it’s way to your device! Watch for information on when the update will be live on your device below or on our Known Issues Article:|]

Update Currently Live On the following platforms: Untitled (1080 x 1080 px) (9)

Important notes to remember:

  • Once one of your devices updates, you won’t be able to log onto other devices until they have the same update.

  • Until everyone is playing the same version, you may not be able to locate, interact with, or visit some of your Buddies.

  • You won’t lose Daily Spin prizes on either version of Animal Jam.

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling will NOT make the update arrive faster, and it could cause you to lose saved Masterpieces!

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May Update!

SUGAR GLIDERS are coasting into Jamaa and Pet GIRAFFES are ready to be adopted! Venture into Jamaa’s newest den: the Rocky Wilderness, and get ready to find new excitement and adventure in the great outdoors!

Don’t miss out on the excitement – play Animal Jam for free this May (available for mobile devices & desktop at or download on Steam, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores)!

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April Sale Bundle!

April Sale Bundle

Some spectacular animals, pets, and dens are on sale for one week only! For a limited time, Pumpkin Spice Flying Foxes, Snowflake Red Pandas, Pet Raccoons, Pet Seals, Roaring Railways, and Clockwork Confectioneries are on sale!

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20240418 Twilight Peacock Live Animal Post-02

Jumping into the weekend with a fun fact! Peafowl can prey on venomous snakes!! Share what you know about our star of the week - the alluring peacock 🦚. Don’t be fooled, there’s much more to them than just their show-stopping tail display!

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