Inside Animal Jam: Tips & Secrets from an Animal Jam Artist!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for Animal Jam? If so, one of the game’s very own marketing artists is here to give you the inside scoop! Join Play Wild and Ducky on their quest to answer player’s biggest questions about life inside Animal Jam Headquarters, and discover some of Animal Jam’s best tips, tricks, and secrets along the way. Be sure to stay tuned for new installments of Inside Animal Jam as well, where we’ll be featuring answers from game developers, writers, and more!

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Looking for a peaceful place to picnic?

Animal Jam Den Tours • Picnic • SQ Winners










Looking for a peaceful place to picnic? Check out these amazing dens from our most recent Den Tour by 00byoso, atuns10, flurr40, fromlittlethings, littlemisstiger123, stinkypotatoepie, thesmallbubble, wildwarriorluna116, and xiyangyang!

Thank you for the scrumptious snacks and hospitality!

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Golden Pheasants have arrived in Animal Jam!

20220325 Golden Pheasants-01

Golden Pheasants have arrived in Animal Jam! These terrestrial birds are known for their unique head feathers that hang around their necks like a CAPE! In the Brilliant Golden Pheasant Bundle, you can get the new animal, the Carpenter Outfit, and the Welding Outfit that can’t be found anywhere else! What is your favorite item in this bundle?

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