Last Chance for VidCon T-Shirt Collection!

20180818 VidCon Tshirt LastChance

This is your VERY LAST CHANCE to pick up these exclusive, limited-edition shirts; these Animal Jam t-shirts, available at, are leaving soon! Current Animal Jam Box subscribers will get an additional 30% off in savings when ordering these fantastic tees! WHOAH! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #AJVidCon #TeamDirewolf #TeamSabertooth


Happy National Honeybee Day!

20180818 NationalHoneybeeDay

Get your own Honeybee Pet and celebrate National Honey Bee Day! These sweet little insects deserve a bee-utiful look so make sure to deck them out with accessories from the Appondale Claws n’ Paws. Happy National Honey Bee Day!


The World of Fantasy Bundle!

The new August Membership bundle is available at! This World of Fantasy bundle comes complete with a raccoon animal, an exclusive fantasy peacock pet, the fantasy castle den, exclusive fantasy den items, and an exclusive outfit! Becoming a member in Animal Jam gives you membership benefits in Play Wild too, such as Weekly and Daily Sapphires and gifts! WIN WIN! If you already have a membership, you can still get the bundle items by buying another month of membership from in August, it will stack onto your current membership. Check it out today! HQ