How Do I Create A Masterblock?

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Masterpiece3 (1) How Do I Create A Masterblock? Indulge your creativity and create your own Animal Jam den items with Masterblocks! This mini-game feature allows you sculpt your own den item using 3D block building. Once created you can place the custom Masterblock item in your den, trade it to other players, or even sell it in your My Shop!

We have linked helpful Masterblock articles below: -What are Masterblocks? -What are the Masterblock Rules? -Masterblock FAQ

Happy creating!

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Trivia Tuesday - Golden Pheasant!

image (252) Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Golden Pheasant! If you’ve missed the previous trivia!

Golden pheasants are best known for their:

A) Feather capes B) Power of flight C) Appetites D) Dance skills

Golden pheasants are native to:

A) South America B) Africa C) China D) Europe

Golden pheasants use their feather capes to:

A) Attract females B) Protect themselves from sun C) Carry babies D) Fly better

Golden pheasants are NOT good at:

A) Jumping B) Flying C) Finding food D) Strutting their stuff

Check back for the answers next Tuesday and more Trivia!

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Answers: A,C,A,B

Updated: AJHQ - What doesn't belong? Winners!!

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Congrats to our winners! Animal Jam Classic - flurr40 and Animal Jam - DJsunny18

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We have an eye test for you; today in AJHQ’s den in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! Log in today and get counting!

Animal Jam Classic - Count how many den items you find that DO NOT BELONG in an underwater-themed den?

Animal Jam - Count how many den items you find that DO NOT BELONG in a beach-themed den?

Drop your answers below; the first person to guess the answer, closest without going over wins! Good luck!

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