Twilight Peacocks!

20240401 Twilight Peacocks are Here!-01

🌇 As the sun goes down, tails flip up! TWILIGHT PEACOCKS are making their celestial debut in Animal Jam! Outfit your animal with our exclusive Astronomer Outfit, expand your universe from tail to tip.

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20240401 April Fools Banana Peel-01

Who knew bananas could fly? Look up and you might just see these fruits soaring through the sky! But beware of their whimsical journey back to earth, they can lead to some slippery situations Ready for the next Banana Cycle?

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Painted Egg Mission!

20240329 Painted egg Mission!-01

20240329 Painted egg Mission!-02

Get set, Jammers!! The egg hunt is ON! I’ve hidden PAINTED EGGS all around Jamaa! Find enough, and you can come trade them with me in Jamaa Township for a supercool TOKEN! Also, if you find an egg of EVERY COLOR, you can get a secret PRIZE! Happy hunting!!

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