Perfect Pumpkin Spice Bundle in Animal Jam!

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What better way to celebrate autumn than with the Perfect Pumpkin Spice Bundle in Animal Jam? Discover the new adorable animal and get the exclusive Pumpkin Spice Outfit! Share your favorite accessories for the Pumpkin Spice Flying Fox in the comments below!

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Animal Jam's November Update is on it's way!

Novemeber Update-07 Animal Jam’s November Update is on it’s way to your device! Watch for information on when the update will be live on your device below. Find out What’s New Here

Update Currently Live On the following platforms:  Untitled design - 2023-11-03T120333.128 Important notes to remember: 

  • Once one of your devices updates, you won’t be able to log onto other devices until they have the same update.

  • Until everyone is playing the same version, you may not be able to locate, interact with, or visit some of your Buddies.

  • You won’t lose Daily Spin prizes on either version of Animal Jam.

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling will NOT make the update arrive faster, and it could cause you to lose saved Masterpieces.

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Autumn Arcade Bundle in AJ Classic!

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Get ready to embrace the autumn vibes with our exciting Animal Jam Classic, Autumn Arcade Bundle! This incredible package includes a majestic Great Horned Owl, a cute Pet Armadillo, the stunning Sol Arcade Den, and not just one but two accessory sets: the Autumn Alien Armor and Cosmo’s Harvest Armor! Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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