Jamaaliday's Are Here!

20181201 JamaalidaysAreHere The Jamaalidays have finally arrived in Animal Jam and Play Wild! Log in every day for special Jamaaliday gifts - in BOTH GAMES! What a great time to spread joy, kindness and cheer!

Amazing Fall Dens and Masterpieces!

image (63)image (62)image (64) We couldn’t wait to share these amazing fall themed dens and masterpieces posted by merrycat, brittanx and kawaiidragon21. Wow! Our talented AJ community is hittin’ us right in the feels. We will be sending a cool Fan Art or Epic Den Plaque your way soon! HQ

Last Chance to Grab your Spikes!

20181125 SpikeSale LastChance

Today is your LAST CHANCE to get your paws on this season’s exclusive Spiked Collars in our Feast of Thanks Spike Sale! The ocean Blackout Donut Spiked Collar, Toxic Lava Spiked Collar, Ancient Magenta Spiked Collar and the Black Diamond Spiked Collar are all sure to be amazing additions to your spike collection. Which one is your favorite? HQ