Today's the ultimate TWOsday!

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Today’s the ultimate TWOsday! On 2/22/22, there’s no better day for two toucans to tip-toe through the tulips in their tutus and tiaras! Celebrate this TWOsday Tuesday, 2/22/22 with us by sharing your favorite 2 animals, 2 pets, and 2 accessories in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic with us in the comments below!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday - Cats!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday - Cats!

Cats have lived near humans in recorded history for: A) 2,300 years B) 3,300 years C) 4,300 years D) 5,300 years

Letting pet cats go outside can mean: A) Cats getting hurt B) Cats getting diseases C) Bird species becoming endangered D) All of the above

The cats in art from ancient Egypt look like: A) Tabby cats B) Calico cats C) Siamese cats D) Black cats

Cats eyes shine in the dark because of: A) Another eyelid B) Another retina C) A layer of guanine D) Dark magic

Check your answers next week!

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Answers: D,D,A,C