Refer A Friend And Get Gems!

Refer A Friend 2

The Refer a Friend program is here! Tell your friends about Animal Jam and when they use your username, or a link you have provided, both of you will earn 1500 gems. Even better, if your friend becomes a member, you will recieve 15 Diamonds AND one week of free membership. Woohoo! Tell your friends about Animal Jam today!


Happy Lucky Day Jammers!

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Happy Lucky Day! Today is the day to celebrate all things green and charming, and maybe try for some lucky drops in the Lucky Clovers Adventure. After all, you never know what you will land from the Epic Chest, especially on such a fortunate day as this! What’s the best item you’ve won yet?


Pi Day

20180314 PiDay

Happy Pi Day everyone! March 14th is also celebrated as the day that is the closest numerically to Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Log into Animal Jam and make sure to decorate your den in the Pi Day Celebration! Remember don’t get hit in the face by a Pi, as it never ends!