Animal Jam Scrapbook!

20210514 End of Year Scrapbook-01 Summer is on its way and the school year is ending for many! So many fun accomplishments and exciting moments this past year in Animal Jam too. What are some of your favorite memories, in-game snaps, or videos in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic? Share them with us today! HQ Signature

Formal Ballroom Party in Animal Jam!

20210511 Formal Ballroom Party Invite-02 (1)The Formal Ballroom The Formal Ballroom Party in Animal Jam is a wonderful place to spend time in your finest accessories with your closest buddies! Remember this event is only available at nighttime in Jamaa; this classy affair features chocolate strawberries, fancy Italian sodas, and room to dance! Don’t miss out on the elegant fun—check out the NEW Formal Ballroom Party TONIGHT! HQ Signature