Bob Ross Masterpiece Winners!

20190823 Masterpiece Prize Announcement-01 Did you get a chance to check out Play Wild’s Bob Ross challenge with Cinno? Congratulations to these lucky Jammers, they each will receive a copy of those wonderful Masterpieces from the video: Aestheticpudding, Meself2, Kotek8, Littlemisstiger123, Katye16, Luckwolf327, Hawkmon96, Cheetahbug, Forestwolf113, Featherstar57. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, make sure to give it a watch! This video is not to be missed!

Call of the Wild - Wild Weekend!

Wild Weekend CalloftheWild-01 Satisfy your inner wanderlust with the Call of the Wild - Wild Weekend! Collect fabulous, nature-themed den items in Animal Jam, starting August 22nd and running through the evening of August 25th. These den items are perfect for nature dens, forest based role-play with your friends and more! Let us know what you think of these fun items in the comments below!

Fantastic August Masterpieces!

image (153) image (163) image (160) image (164) image (161) image (162) image (157) image (156) image (154) image (155) Check out these beautiful Masterpieces by these Animal Jam and Play Wild artists: Hamstery003, Alidoncat1, Tritberg1, Foxlo40, Wolfena1987, 223lou, Rainbowflyingdash, Kaykaymojo, Empyrea, and Basedandredpilled. We will be sending each of them a special surprise to show our appreciation!