Magenta Mania

20210805 Wild Weekend Magenta Mania-01 It’s Magenta Mania this Wild Weekend in Animal Jam Classic! Six all-magenta accessories will be available this THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY! #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic #AJLooksHQ Signature

Try Your Knowledge at Some Scottish Fold Trivia!

Scottish Fold Trivia How can you best care for Scottish Fold Cats? A. Provide love and attention B. Take them for regular vet checkups C. Gentle touch D. All of the above

What famous person owns a Scottish Fold Cat? A. Cameron Diaz B. Katy Perry C. Taylor Swift

How many different types of cat breeds are there? A. 71 B. 48 C. 94 D. Unknown

When choosing a cat for a pet, what should you consider? A. Find one at a shelter B. Check in with your vet C. Research their health background D. All of the above

answer key 1.(D), 2.(C), 3.(D), 4.(D)

Have you ever attended a summer camp?

image (6) Image from iOS (24) Have you ever attended a summer camp? What was your favorite thing to do while at camp? AJHQ created a summer camp den! We’d love to see what creative dens you can make! Comment your username below if you have a camp den to visit! HQ Signature