National Pet Day is April 11!

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National Pet Day is April 11! Your pet(s) can be celebrated every day, let’s show them special attention today! Which Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic, or real-life pet is your favorite and why?

Important note: Owlbert will be celebrating today at 3pm MST and 8pm MST

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Egg Hunting!

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Jammers!! The egg hunt is ON! I’ve hidden PAINTED EGGS all around Jamaa! Find enough, and you can come trade them with me in Jamaa Township for a supercool TOKEN! Also, if you find an egg of EVERY COLOR, you can get a secret PRIZE! Happy hunting!!

  • Peck

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National Self-Care Day!

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National Self-Care Day! Take a break today from the hustle and bustle of life and spend some time doing something you enjoy. As a family we recommend discussing a screentime plan to ensure you are also taking time to enjoy your time outside, with friends, and away from your screens. What are some ways you “take a break” from the stressors of life?

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