Happy Freedom Day Jammers!

20180704 FreedomDay

Happy FREEDOM day Jammers! Everyone in Jamaa is celebrating with festive colors and fantastic FIREWORKS. Stop by the Freedom Day Party for this year’s items, both new and returning!! How are you spending Freedom Day on Animal Jam? #AnimalJam #PlayWild


Artist's Dream Bundle is here!

20180702 ArtistsDreamBundle This month’s bundle is every artist’s DREAM! When you manually purchase a membership at animaljam.com/join during the month of July you will recieve a bundle of artistic inspiration!! The Artist’s Dream Bundle includes a lemur animal, a pet lemur, the complete painters outfit, an art gallery den, a painters den item set AND 5 Masterpiece tokens to be used however you wish. This is a great time to become a Member in Animal Jam, plus your membership also gives you additional benefits in Play Wild. Already have a membership but want the Artist’s Dream Bundle? No problem! Just purchase an additional month during July and you will get all the items as well as that month of membership added onto your current membership total. Paint your edge of Jamaa with a bundle bursting in creativity. HQ