Last Chance - Wild Weekend Jelly Cafe!

20180712 WW JellyCafe LastChance

These sweet items are wiggling their way out of the Bounce House Party very soon. Be sure to purchase some of your own, so you don’t get JELLY of the other Jammers that have them! While it’s the last chance to buy the Wild Weekend Jelly Cafe set, we can’t wait to see how you use them in your delectable den decorations!


This Wild Weekend brings us the WIGGLIEST items!

20180712 WW JellyCafe This Wild Weekend brings us the WIGGLIEST items yet – the Jelly ARMOR & Cafe set! Do you have a JONES-ing for a sweet dessert? Look no further than these delectable clothing and den items made entirely of JELLY!! Don’t be the odd one out and stop by the Bounce House Party shop for this limited edition item set! #AnimalJam


Sometimes you feel like a Direwolf - Animal Jam Summer Box

20180707 SummerBox 2

Sometimes you feel like a Direwolf, sometimes you don’t! Now you can swap your team cap with the swappable patch and hat from this summer’s Animal Jam Box! The Animal Jam Summer Box is filled with all sorts of fun exclusive items for our Animal Jam Box subscribers! Visit purchase or subscribe today to receive your very own while supplies last. #AnimalJam


Wild Weekend - Summer Freeze

20180706 WW SummerFreeze Beat the heat, log in and check out the new Animal Jam Wild Weekend. Why sizzle outside, when you can chill inside with the new Summer FREEZE armor set? Stop by the Diamond Shop before these short-lived items melt away! #AnimalJam HQ