June Sale!

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June Sale! Put some spring in your summer step with a week-long sale on rainbow raccoons, pet lucky piglets, and Clover Cottages! They’ll be gone from shops once the sale is over, so don’t miss out!

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Welcome Bundle!

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Welcome Bundles have arrived in Animal Jam! Inside each bundle is a collection of goodies that will give any new player a jump start into Jamaa. The WELCOME BUNDLE is an optional, premium purchase that includes one of each starter Animal and a pile of Gems & Sapphires! If you can’t see this new bundle in the premium shop, it’s because your account is considered that of an experienced AJ Player who no longer needs a welcome package.

Do you know anyone you’d like to invite to Animal Jam?

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Did you know? - Eagles

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Did you know? Raptor birds, like eagles, got their Latin name for the way they grab onto their prey! Eagles that live near seas, lakes, or rivers have adapted to be especially good at using their claws to grab fish right out of the water!

Which eagle was your choice of the this month? Lava Timber Crystal Stone

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