ThrowBack Bundle!

20240401 Throwback Bundle April 2020-01

Flash from the past in Animal Jam! Dive down memory lane for a LIMITED TIME ONLY with our THROWBACK BUNDLE! Grab the adorable ILI PIKA, enjoy the April Showers and Spring Flowers outfits, befriend the PET JERBOA with its exciting toys, and own the cozy BUNNY BURROW den along with exclusive items and music! Don’t miss out!

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Twilight Peacock Bundle!

Twilight Peacock Bundle

As the sun goes down, tails flip up! TWILIGHT PEACOCKS are making their celestial debut! The Twilight Peacock Bundle comes with the exclusive Astronomer Outfit so you can study the stars beyond the end of your tail!

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20240401 April Fools Banana Peel-01

Who knew bananas could fly? Look up and you might just see these fruits soaring through the sky! But beware of their whimsical journey back to earth, they can lead to some slippery situations Ready for the next Banana Cycle?

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