Jamaalidays Jambassador Event!

20221212 Jambassador Event Invite-01

You’re invited to a party of Jamaaliday fun! Whether Jammer or Jambassador, there’s something for everyone!

This Friday, December 16 at 4pm MST, head to AJHQ’s, Animalloverjammer, Cherryfizz44, Cinno, Delocate, Iisah, L30ra, Pinkrhino24, Pínkspinel, Qw072, Verface, and Snowyclaw den for a Jamaaliday party with AJHQ and the Jambassadors!

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Trivia Tuesday - Winter!

Trivia Tuesday Winter sq

This Trivia Tuesday, there’s a chill coming in! Get ready for snow, ‘cause it’s time to begin!

To grow its ice crystals, a snowflake needs:

A) Cold temperatures B) A particle of pollen or dust C) High altitude D) The spirit of winter

Snowflakes are hexagonal because of:

A) The structure of crystals B) Aerodynamics C) The shape of a water molecule D) Their vibes

About how much water is in 1 cup of snow?

A) 1/12 cup B) 1/6 cup C) 1/2 cup D) 1 cup

Check back next week for answers! HQ Signature

Special Delivery!

20221210 Owlbert Special Delivery-01

Through the airs of Jamaa soars an owl, flying high! With presents to drop from the Jamaaliday sky!

Owlbert the delivery owl is keeping busy this season! Every once in a while, he’ll leave his perch in Sarepia Forest to make a Special Delivery to one of the lands of Jamaa! #AnimalJam #kidsgames #mobilegames #AJJamaalidays

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