AJ Classic August Bundle - Peridot Post!

20220729 AJC Diamond Bundle Peridot Post-01 (1)

AJ Classic’s August Bundle is here to celebrate August’s birthstone, the Peridot! The Peridot Bundle comes with a red panda, a pet monkey, the Bounce House, and two new accessory sets: the Peridot Armor and the Postmaster Outfit! Will you dress to impress, or keep it sensible?

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Wild Weekend Fierce Flowers!!

20220727 Wild Weekend-01 (1)

This Wild Weekend in AJ Classic, debut in full bloom with three new colors of the FLOWER ARMOR: Fearless, Daring, and Adventurous! These accessories will ONLY be available this THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY!

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Trivia Tuesday! Wolverines!

Trivia Tuesday • wolverines • SQ

It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Ever wonder about wolverines? Learn some fun facts about these fierce animals today! How did you do?

Wolverines are closely related to: A) Otters B) Wolves C) Hyenas D) Superheroes

Wolverines are native to: A) Australia B) China C) North America D) Big mansions

For their food, wolverines like to: A) Scavenge B) Fish C) Burrow D) Slice bread with claws

Wolverines prefer to: A) Live in packs B) Hunt with other males C) Burrow with other families D) Work alone

Answers: ACAD

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WILD WEEKEND!!! The G.O.A.T. Returns!

20220719 Wild Weekend G.o.a.t-02 (1)

Become the Greatest Of All Time in AJ Classic this weekend! Head to the Diamond Shop to get three new colors of the Goat Armor (Golden, Astonishing, and Dazzling) plus a collection of classic Goat den items this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ONLY! #animaljam

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