National Self-Care Day!

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National Self-Care Day! Take a break today from the hustle and bustle of life and spend some time doing something you enjoy. As a family we recommend discussing a screentime plan to ensure you are also taking time to enjoy your time outside, with friends, and away from your screens. What are some ways you “take a break” from the stressors of life?

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Trivia Tuesday - Lamb!

Lambs trivia

Time to test your knowledge!

Domestic sheep originated in:

A) The Middle East and Central Asia B) The British Isles C) Mainland Europe D) North America

Sheep were domesticated by humans about:

A) 1,000 years ago B) 5,000 years ago C) 10,000 years ago D) 15,000 years ago

Domestic sheep are known as:

A) Bovines B) Fleeces C) Mouflon D) Fluff-puffs

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Something BIG has come to Animal Jam!

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Something BIG has come to Animal Jam!

For years, pets have been wanting to show Jamaa what a BIG impact they make on our lives! That’s why today, after countless requests from pets across Jamaa, an ALL-NEW feature is playable now!

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